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History Of Montague Inn

Montague Inn - Michigan getaway placeThe Montague Inn was built in 1929 & 1930 by Mr. Robert Montague and his wife, Edwina, formerly of Caro, Michigan. They had two children, Robert and Mary Sage, who were teen-agers when the home was built. All of the above listed family members are no longer living.
The home has over 12,000 square feet of space and cost approximately $120,000 when built during the depression. The portion of the home facing Washington Avenue was the Montague family living space and the portion of the home running along the north side was the servants quarters. The family also had a 5-car garage to the rear of the property. The family's property was approximately 2 acres in size and has Lake Linton (a slip of the Saginaw River) bordering the property to the west. The family had 2 maids and a cook as well as a gardener and chauffeur. A seamstress would come to the home on a regular basis to take care of the mending. The family lived here during the winter months and lived in a cottage up north during the summer months.

Montague Inn - Saginaw LodgingThe family business was SBS Products, Inc. started by Mr. Montague here in Saginaw. He developed a way to use sugar beet by-products to make hand creams and soaps. After Mr. Montague's death in the early 1950's, the family sold the business to the Andrew Jergens Company, who has since also sold the business. In 1995, the local SBS Products business site was closed.

The family lived here until the late 1950's, and in early 1960's the City of Saginaw purchased the home from the estate. Since the city wanted the water rights, they purchased one house to the north and two houses to the south which they tore down. Each home was on 2 acres of land. The city's detective bureau and the public health department had offices in this home for 15 years. In 1979 the offices were moved and the home sat vacant for 5 years until the city decided to sell the home and all 8 acres for development.

Montague Inn - Historic InnThe Inn was restored and opened as Montague Inn Bed and Breakfast in June, 1986. Currently we offer lodging 365 days a year in our 17 guestrooms, named after the Montague family and influential Saginaw visitors and citizens. We host many special events such as business conferences, weddings, receptions, holiday parties, and family gatherings. The Inn is open all seven days for the special events and weddings. The friendly management and staff will make your special event, truly special.

Thank you for inquiring about the Montague Inn's history. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.
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